Free book this weekend!

Thursday is my birthday. Another year closer to the grave. But hey another year I get to spend with my wife and kids. So not all bad. On a positive note I’ve decided to make my book The Mechanic free for five days in celebration! I could really use the reviews so if you decide to grab it I truly appreciate it. I’ll leave the link below but don’t click it until tomorrow. Peace!

The Mechanic

Horror recs for Halloween

It’s that time of year again. Fall, and one of my favorite holidays: Halloween! So, I decided to drop some recommendations for the last three horror novels I’ve read recently.

First up is Murder House by C. V. Hunt. Hunt has become a favorite of mine over the past year with books such as Cockblock, Ritualistic Human Sacrifice, and Halloween Fiend. Murder House is her newest release and it’s a treat. A couple move into an old house so the boyfriend can write his novel. In true C. V. Hunt form things get weird with a guy that lives down the street in an abandoned church, a mysterious projector in the attic, and said boyfriend acting super strange writing in the nude in the middle of the night. It doesn’t get quite as weird as her usual stuff but it does get close. It’s creepy and strange and a good place to start with her work.

Buy it here:

The Fucking Zombie Apocalypse by Bryan Smith is as wild as its title. Phil is hungover and needs to hack his way through the zombie horde before his girlfriend Crazy Sue murders his pet hamster George. On the way he runs into the devil, gets thrown into an insane asylum, and discovers Sue may not be as crazy as he first thought. It’s a wild ride even though the ending fizzled out without much climax. I had fun with it though and will definitely check out more from Smith in the future.

Buy it here:

The Room Upstairs is part family drama and part possessed object story. Wright does a great job making the reader care about the problems within the Gable family. Martins sister is a teenager who hates pretty much everything including their stepdad, his mom just wants the family to be together, and the stepfather is trying to make ends meet. When they all decide to buy something for themselves at a yard sale a mysterious room appears out of nowhere in their house. After it’s too late they discover the door grants wishes whether they want it to or not. It’s a sad and sometimes creepy and violent story that had me on the edge of my seat. I wasn’t wild about the angle he took it at the very end but I thought this was one of the best I’ve read from the author.

Buy it here:

So there you have it. If you’re looking for something to read this Halloween I strongly suggest checking out these books. You won’t be disappointed.

New Book, Free Books, and Cheap Books

The Mechanic 300DPI

It’s live! The Mechanic is now out in the kindle store and on Kindle Unlimited. Paperback will be out soon-ish.

This weekend, since everyone is self-isolating, and also because others are being generous with their own work, my brother (horror author Matthew Vaughn) and I are offering our books for free or cheap. The Mechanic will remain 99 cents. Nothing Left To Lose is FREE for the first time. Left For Dead is also 99 cents and Stray Bullets, as usual, is 99 cents. I’ll post the links below.

Matthew Vaughn’s horror and splatterpunk books are also free or cheap. Hellsworld Hotel is 99 cents. The 30 minutes or Less series is FREE, and Lucifer’s Mansion, the prequel to Hellsworld Hotel, is also FREE.

There are also a slew of other writers offering their books free this weekend. Just to name a few: Bryan Smith, Iain Rob Wright, Tim Lebbon, and some horror presses. So this is a good time to fill up your e-reader and discover some great new writers and old favorites!

Edward Vaughn books:

The Mechanic

Nothing Left To Lose

Left For Dead

Stray Bullets

Matthew Vaughn books:

Lucifer’s Mansion

30 Minutes or Less

30 Minutes or Less part 2

Hellsworld Hotel


Preorder The Mechanic now!

The Mechanic 300DPI

My new book The Mechanic is now up for preorder over at the Zon. It’s a short crime noir novella like I usually write. It’s a little dark and a little sad with an explosive ending. It comes out on March 20th, 2020 in ebook and paperback. I hope you check it out. Here’s the synopsis:


Life is good for Bobby Dupree. Since being out of prison he has a girlfriend who loves him, a good job as a mechanic with his best friend Davis, and a future he can believe in. When two men in black suits show up in a hearse with a casket full of money, Bobby’s entire world implodes. Now, Bobby and his friend’s have to make a decision. They must either return what was stolen or run for their lives.

Preorder on amazon here: The Mechanic preorder

Out Now: Left For Dead

Left For Dead cover jpeg

Well, I went and done it again. I put out another book. Two in one year. Which might seem like I’m prolific, but both of those books had been written long before I published them. Especially, this one.

Left For Dead may be my newest release, but it’s actually the first book I wrote. I know some people might read it and say, “Well, no duh, it’s your first book. Because it sucks.” To them I say, no way. I like it.

The original title of this book was Stronger Than Hate. I had a few other options written down, but it never changed until I loaded it up to publish. Another author in a group from Facebook had just released a horror novel with the same title. (What are the odds? It’s not exactly a heavily used title). So, I ended up giving it a more simple name instead. I had actually abandoned the book a while back and left it sitting on my phone in my Docs app. Then, earlier this year I decided to dig it out and go over it again. I added a few things. Edited it a lot better. Tried to get it tight as I could.

Then, decided to completely rewrite it.

I don’t know why.

I had this grand idea that it would be better if I changed some characters around, got rid of others, and changed some relationships. After rewriting it though it started to feel shallow and boring. I got stuck a few times and wasn’t sure where to go with it. Looking back at the original I thought it was a much better book than I gave it credit for. So, I decided to scrap the new one and just release the original. Changed the title, gave it another quick edit and off it went.

Now, Left For Dead is out in the world. I like it. It’s not my favorite of the books and stories I’ve written, but still I think it’s decent. I hope you like it as well. Below are links for the ebook and paperback.

Left For Dead ebook

Left For Dead paperback

Derby Sale

It’s Kentucky Derby weekend here in The Ville. There’s party’s, tons of celebrities in town, and of course, horse racing! That’s why I’ve decided to make my two crime fiction books cheap this weekend.

My collection Stray Bullets is currently FREE for the next three days.


My recent novella Nothing Left To Lose is also on sale for a mere 99 cents.


Get them soon because the prices go back up Sunday night. Share the links and tell your friends.


Kentucky Derby Sale

This weekend all eyes are on Louisville as the greatest two minutes in racing goes down: The Kentucky Derby.

For three days During the Oaks, Derby, and the following day I will be offering my two books at a discount. Nothing Left To Lose will be down to 99 cents and Stray Bullets will be free.

So May 3-5 pick up my books at a super low rate and watch some horses run their asses off.

Again, Nothing Left To Lose will be 99 cents. Stray Bullets for FREE.

New book out

So, I put out a new book. My first novella actually. Written years ago. I finally got around to editing and rewriting it somewhat and even put a cover together and now, well, it’s out in the world. It’s a short one. I’m not sure I’m capable of writing a big book yet, but I like it.

It’s about a guy that lost his wife and daughter in a car crash and believes the man who hit them did it on purpose. He embarks on a hunt to find him and make the man pay for killing his family. There’s also some themes of alcohol addiction and suicide and family drama. Like I said it’s a quick read, but I hope you enjoy it.

Ebook at the link below, paperback coming soon. Also, if you buy the print version you get the ebook free.

Nothing Left To Lose