Review: Motherfucking Black Skull Of Death by Matthew Vaughn

27999095  What do you do when you decide to put out your second book, or movie, or album? You want to go bigger, badder, faster, and crazier. At least up the ante from your first effort, right? The last thing you want is to hit that “sophomore slump”. Well, Matt decided to take that thought and inject it with cocaine, or meth, or maybe…an energy drink. Motherfucking Black Skull of Death is about a hundred times wilder and weirder than his first effort The ADHD Vampire.

The neighborhood kids favorite energy drink is tampered with and causes anybody who drinks it to turn into an insane monstrosity. A huge muscle bound beast with rock-like sores covering their bodies and a giant ding-a-Ling. Vince and his crew of horny ne’er do wells are always picking on nerds like Hairy Harry and Stevie. At some point they all ingest the tainted energy drink and become sex monsters. Then eventually do battle in the streets destroying all kinds of property and each other. There’s also a girl in the picture who likes Stevie, Janet, who is extremely weird In her own right. Like talking to her stuff animals who seem to also talk back. The story also cuts to others that get ahold of the drink such as an elderly woman in a nursing home and a man who has some weird sexual appetites pet dog.

It’s all pretty insane. The whole story is absurd in a good way and way over the top. Basically an X-rated adult swim cartoon in novel form. If you love Bizarro this one is a can’t miss.

This is my brother’s second novella after The ADHD Vampire out now from Morbidbooks.


Welcome to the blog

Welcome to the new Red All Over. I’ll be posting writing updates, book reviews, and pretty much anything else I feel like posting. Most of which will be writing related in some way. Hopefully, I don’t slack off here like I did with my last blog and produce some quality content in the coming months.

First of all I have decided to start a new crime fiction magazine called Affiliated. Why call it Affiliated? Well, I’m looking for crime fiction of course, but I wanted to put a little twist on it. I’m wanting cross-genre crime fiction. Stuff with a horror edge, or maybe some sort of fantastical element to go with it. Not just straight detective fiction (which I like to an extent) or thug lit (for lack of a better term). But, think more speculative. Maybe have the detective be an angel or demon. Write about a thief who steals from a mummy. A junkie addicted to blood or pus. Anything, as long as it is crime related in some way. Horror, fantasy, bizarro, but featuring criminals and cops. I think you get the picture. If interested head over to Affiliated and check it out.