9 Questions With Bizarro Author Matthew Vaughn

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and the kind of stories you write?

I am the father of four awesome little kids and the husband to a super great wife, and I work Maintenance in an Injection Molding facility. I write bizarro that is more on the horror side of the genre, and also extreme horror.

2. What’s new? Plug your newest work for readers. 

My most recent novella is Mother F’ing Black Skull of Death, which Morbid Books put out last December. It’s about a small town that gets a tainted shipment of energy drinks, which turns some of the residents into monsters. It’s main focus is on a nerdy guy and the town bully.

3. Why do you write in the particular genre that you do? Have you written outside of that genre?

I’ve been into writing since I was really young, mainly horror and sci fi. When I got older and decided to get serious about writing, I found that everything I wrote in those genres just fell flat. Then I discovered Bizarro. I’ve been a fan of the stranger side of things for a lot of years. As a kid I loved Grant Morrison and Peter Milligan comics, and Troma movies. So, when I found bizarro books it was a perfect fit for me. I realized I could let loose and write stories without being confined to the standard rules of storytelling.

I have written some outside of bizarro/horror, but nothing published. I have a “trunk” novel that would probably be considered transgressive that I’ve thought about revisiting now that I have a few years of experience under my belt.

4. Are there certain themes or characters in your stories close to your heart that you like to write about?

I don’t know that I have certain themes or anything I like to write about. My first two novellas were throwbacks to B-movie style cheese and gore. But I’ve got some bizarro type stuff that is totally different, I really like just exploring all over the place.

5. Who are the authors that inspire you?

Oh man, that’s a big list. Anderson Prunty, William Pauley 3, and Stephen Graham Jones are go to’s for me when it comes to bizarro/weird horror. I really dig writers like Irvine Welsh, Chuck Palahniuk, and Bret Easton Ellis, they write some really good characters.  Philip K Dick, Stephen King, Brian Keene, Ryan Harding, Adam Cesare. Usually when I read any of these authors I’m inspired to work harder and try to write better. Garret Cook’s Archelon Ranch, Josh Myer’s Feast of Oblivion, and Edward Rathke’s Ash Cinema all really impacted me when I read them. Also, Harmonie Korine, he’s not an author but I’m inspired by his storytelling.

6. Do you have any future plans, any new books your working on or brainstorming?

I’m always working on the next thing. Once I finish a book I tend to jump right into the next one, so, usually when a book of mine comes out, I’m already elbow deep into the next one. The next thing I have coming out is Sexual Avenger: The Hard Dong of Justice from New Kink Books. Its three short stories about an unlikely hero with a three foot pecker. That one should be coming out anytime now. I’m writing my first straight up extreme horror book, leaving out the comedy and over the top silliness I usually put in. Its about a third of the way finished. Also, I have a collection of six short stories that all interconnect, it is in the editing stages and should be out later in the year if everything goes as planned.

7.  How do you find or make the time to write?

Make the time to write is definitely the correct statement. I write all my first drafts by hand. I always carry my notebook with me that has my current project, it helps when I’m waiting in the car while my wife runs into the store, or I’m picking up my daughter from school. I also try to squeeze in some words through out the day at my job. I don’t always get a chance to write at work, but when I can I try to take advantage of it. Once I’ve finished my first draft, I type it up at home. As I mentioned, I have kids. Usually, when we put them to bed for the night I’ll fire up the laptop and work on typing up something from a notebook or editing a project that I’ve completely typed, until I’m too tired to stay awake. So, finding the time to write for me is any chance I get throughout the day or night, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get a normal writing routine!

8.  Most artistic people I’ve known are creative in more than one way. What other creative things do you do?

Besides writing, and obviously reading, I occupy most of my free time with art. I usually do pencil and pen drawings but here recently I’ve been trying my hand at digitally coloring my artwork. I have artwork in a recent anthology of Wizard of Oz inspired stories called Baum Ass Tales, from Riot Forge. Also, my short story collection I’m working on will feature my artwork, too.

Besides art, I’m into music. I used to play bass in a few different local bands but now a days I just play at home to entertain myself and the kids.

9.  Lately I’ve had a weird obsession with the number 9. Do you have any weird obsessions?

I don’t think I have any weird obsessions really, but if anything I’d say I’m obsessed with knowledge. When I find something I like, for example the newest Star Wars movie. I avoided all the spoilers I could before I got a chance to see the movie, but once I finally watched it, I obsessed with reading everything I possibly could about it. I tend to do that with a lot of stuff. My kids started watching the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers a while back, and I spent endless hours reading about all the different versions and what happened to different cast members. There’s nothing like filling your head up with tons and tons of useless information. I might actually get more writing done if I didn’t do this so much, but it’s hard to stop with the internet always at my finger tips.

Thanks Matt for answering my questions! If anybody would like to read more from Matthew Vaughn visit his amazon page HERE and website HERE